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First Client, First (Full) Year

Here I am in the midst of a pandemic, in quarantine with the whole family at home and realized it's been one year since signing on with my biggest client, the College Football Playoff (CFP) Foundation. Life is funny right? My first "one-off" project with them was to step in and help them pull together a marketing campaign for a special project to support schools within Butte County, an area in North California near the site of the championship game, that had recently been devastated by the Camp Fires. Within a couple of weeks, we pulled together an Text-to-Give campaign that resulted in over $200,000 to the district thanks to individuals and partners who supported the effort. As I wrap up one year, this "Extra Yard for Teachers Give" initiative that was launched at that time, ends up being the thing that has made the CFP Foundation relevant beyond the national championship event and beyond the college football season.

We just experienced our highest month in impressions on our digital platforms (with zero paid promotion), during the Month of April, BEFORE Teacher Appreciation Week. Cheers to our small but mighty team! So while I celebrate a successful year, in quarantine, I also share this as the inspiration for my 2 cents about what I've learned over the past year.

1 I've heard it, read it, "they say" it, but when you love what you do, you will find a path to success.

2 Take a second, even in midst of chaos, to stop and look ahead in everything that you do. I took a moment in the midst of pulling together the Text-to-Give campaign to ask "does this need a logo? a brand for the initiative?". While unsure of how successful the texting platform would be, and knowing it would take a little more work/time, we went ahead and created Extra Yard For Teachers Give (#EYFTGive), a mark to use alongside any special efforts that the Foundation was involved in where they stepped up to support educators within a community in need. We've used the logo, already 4 times this past year.

And finally, a just a fun song to celebrate. One of my all time favorites. Enjoy!

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